Friday, October 7, 2011


To the Islands

To the islands:
The Architecture of Isolation

Urs Bette
Jacqueline Bowring
Margit Bruenner
Michael Chapman
Jennifer Harvey
Russell Lowe
Michael Ostwald
Sean Pickersgill

Jennifer Harvey and Sean Pickersgill

Karen Burns, Jennifer Harvey & Sean Pickersgill

Exhibition launch
6pm Wednesday 28 September

Exhibition open
Tuesday 27 September - Friday 21 October

This exhibition will explore the latent architectural qualities in the idea of the 'island'. The participating artists and architects were asked to examine the text of Lucian of Samosata's 'True Stories' and the surreal islands described in the voyage. The artists have brought the thematics of these texts into contemporary experience, exploring the idea that islands may represent both symptoms and solutions to the experience of isolation.

SASA Gallery