Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Sun is Singing

Then, on the higher ground, up in the mountains, the beach finally fades, and the stars come forwards, not only are they palpably clear ... but you can hear them ... the singing of the sun, its electromagnetic humming, is an arcane acoustic event. One must be attuned to the drumming, which, it is said (by the scientists) to be doing the opposite of a drum skin. It's becoming higher in pitch over time, the sun's tune is morphing slowly from its early bass days, and now moving up the scale, a solar baritone. And perhaps, if that's the sun one can hear, our closest star, then what of the vast cosmic chorus, and the song of the spheres ... and even our very own moon, the words of the Spanish poet with the perfectly lunar name come to mind, "The moon is silently singing - / one should hear it with one's eyes; / a white and lulling song, / a song of secret love." (Miguel de Unamuno)

Thomas Cole, Expulsion: Moon and Firelight, c. 1828

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