Tuesday, November 18, 2008


From Library of Dust, David Maisel

Atmosphere, alchemy, presences. The remarkable changes that occur within the phenomenal realm. State-shifters. Encrustation, transformation, immolation. Embodied in these changes are signs of presence, the pure magic of patina. The recent project by Roger Hiorns, Seizure, sees the metamorphosis of a starkly ordinary apartment into something stunning, shimmering, crystalline. Reminiscent of the ash urns captured in the photographs of David Maisel, the entire interior of the apartment is transfigured, seemingly changing state, in a ephemeral efflorescence ... copper sulphate coats the surfaces, triggering memories of 'magic trees' and 'gardens' grown from the lapis lazuli hued crystals ...

From Seizure, Roger Hiorns, 2008

Walking through Seizure, Roger Hiorns


Folded letters said...


It's Urban Spelunking!

This is a very interesting find. Thanks for sharing.


jacky bowring said...

One of the most phenomenal experiences of my life was in a cave ... last summer, adrift in a small boat within a vast cavern filled with glow worms. Total silence and no spatial points of reference, like being in a completely altered state ...j...