Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Imagined Monument #1: Water (New York, March 2009) JB

The dark, penumbral zone is embedded, embodied, within shadow. It is here that the sublime 'je ne sais quoi' resides, and it is here that the darkness of melancholy presides, in the call and response between the lost object and the dispossessed, the haunting lament across the abyss.

Imagined Monument #2: Fire (London, June 2006) JB

In shadow is Minkowski's "dark space", an "opaque and unlimited sphere wherein all the radii are the same, dark and mysterious." Within the shadowy zone is an endless night, a plummeting space, a temporal passage.

Imagined Monument #3: Earth (Southland, January 2008) JB

The casting of shadows, or their rippling across a surface to find form, is an alchemical moment. An opening up of a vast, dark hole in an otherwise whole object. A sudden shift in the apparent edges of space, shadows excavate the shallows.

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