Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reading the Landscape

Colonial Ensign, Dunedin, July 2009, JB

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Anonymous said...

"Dunedin, July 2009" is reminiscent of an Escher drawing with it's odd angles and topsy-turvy lighting but you're probably aware of this.

Do you ever have moments when a thought slots itself in, in front of another thought? as if another process that had been running in the back of your mind had suddenly reached a resolution.

The thought is that I once had a brief correspondence with someone via email over some setback, but the text of the messages I was getting back were odd and strangely altered, which caused me some concern until I discovered that the corespondent was partially sighted!

But before this discovery was made I was actually afraid that another message was being overlaid on top of what was being said, when instead the message was trying to be put across all the time and I was reading the words only.

Which I think is both funny and sad and maybe what I think you're doing?

Completely lost the the original next thought now!

Keep up the good work in stepping back a little.