Monday, October 12, 2009


London, June 2007, JB

"I am melancholic; not depressive, but inclined to view the certainty of decay, loss and death as rather more significant than the prospect of the fun and excitements to be had from life before these things set in. I have experienced as violence the emergence of the culture of compulsory industrialised joy, which is the companion of consumerism."


billoo said...

I love that's near king's cross isn't it? Circle line, anyway. I've always wanted to take a photo there as well.

Strange to think that we might have been on the same train (I once wrote to jodi dean-don't know if you know her, she's got an interesting blog called I cite....and later on I found out that by chance we were in the same cinema hall watching the same film).


hello and salaams, Jacky!


jacky bowring said...

Hi Billoo, Warm ... but not quite! Circle Line indeed, but it's Bayswater ... from memory, or maybe Gloucester Road ... Same trains, same cinemas, passing in the night ... momentary mingling of thoughts perhaps... cheers, j.