Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year State of Mind

Straying through a world of pages, words, lost, loving being lost. Journeys of the mind this year. Faraway ... so close. A journey through the most utilitarian of places becomes a mystical ascension. The car park building is arranged around a perfect spiral, on the pretext of searching for a park one loops, ascends, up the line of grace, a helix built around the wonder of centrifugal force, the phenomenological ecstasy of driving, up, up, 8 floors, 9 floors, 10 floors, on ... 15 floors, then ... sky ... vast celestial dome of blue, and an expanse of open desert-like space. Vacant and tranquil. Transported within the city, to another world within. Scratch the surface and the city is surreal.


pensum said...

that first clip is simply stunning... thank you and happy new year jacky!

jacky bowring said...

The Color of Pomegranates is an exquisite sensorial feast ... and that particular passage is pure magic!
Thanks, and happy new year to you too Michael!