Friday, October 7, 2011



billoo said...

thanks for sharing that, jacky! always love your choice of music. anton (flowerville) put yp a lovely track from saint jude's infirmary the other day. have you heard of them? (it's not on youtube any more).


hope all else is well.



jacky bowring said...

Hi Billoo ... must check out St Jude's Infirmary, don't know them... awaiting an album from Lana del Ray!
Things improving here - first part of the city due to re-open in two weeks' time, 8 months after the big quake. Yay, shopping!
All the best...

billoo said...

hello, jacky! :-)

yes, this and blue jeans are lovely songs. after anna calvi and pj harvey, some of the best stuff I've heard this year. thanks once again.

btw, the song is 'happy lucky month' from their album (of the same name).

the city has been closed for 8 months?! you're joking?

know what you feel like though. dengue fever has hit lahore and so going out in the evening and doing something as simple as shopping can seem like something of an achievement! :-)
[gosh, that makes me sound so bourgeois! :-)]

Enjoy your shopping!

Take care,


jacky bowring said...

Happy Lucky Month ... could do with one of those here! Yes, closed and not much left, one thousand buildings collapsed or being demolished. New rituals emerge, 'walking the cordon' is one of them, a new version of the walking city developed by the colonials ...
Here's to shopping!