Sunday, February 1, 2009


Padova Station, Jan 2009

"... ghosts -- that is, the sense of the presence of those who are not physically there -- are a ubiquitous aspect of the phenomenology of place. Although the cultural language of modernity usually prevents us from speaking about their presence, we constitute a place in large measure by the ghosts we sense inhabit and possess it. The meaning of a place, its genius loci, depends upon the geniuses we locate there."
Michael Ball, The ghosts of place, 1997


Anonymous said...


I guess it has to do with those things on a human scale, like the bench. And now I think of it, your book is unforthcoming from my supplier, bringing your absence to me as a signal to chase that supplier!

Like the mood in teh picture.


jacky bowring said...

Thanks D, yes the gaps describe more than the objects ...
Hope the book comes soon, before spring arrives with its insistent joyfulness (I think you are a Northern Hemisphere dweller? We're already dreaming of autumn down here on the earth's underbelly ...)
... j...