Sunday, April 12, 2009


Antonello da Messina, Annunziata, 1475-76

"The Beautiful Form: I may find that in some icon, and sometimes in a still life -- both help me to see how something as found its form -- but also in a common or garden tool, in literature, in a piece of music."
Peter Zumthor, Atmospheres, 2006, who has just been announced as this year's Pritzker Prize winner - a triumph for beauty, for an architecture of the body.

[And for the non-New Zealand speaking readers:

"Beauty" - as in the Collins Dictionary, sense 6: "(N.Z.) an expression of approval or agreement"]


pensum said...

Zumthor--let us all celebrate, for this is truly special.

jacky bowring said...

An optimism - for architecture, yes, and for the landscape, for the body ... for the soul ...