Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mysterious Depth

Dawn Service, April 25, 2009, JBowring

"A melancholy man discovers in spite of everything that our existence is fragile and that thus there exists in the world some mysterious depth ... and this discovery is immediately dissolved in a reverie isolating him from despair or dread." Wojciech Balus, 1998

The world brings coincidences of almost chilling resonance, and the return to studying Balus's article, in the early morning, immediately following the Dawn Service, was one such breathtakingly uncanny moment. The small crowd gathered on the dam for readings, wreath laying and the bugle call of the Last Post. Above the high mountain ranges the first rays of sun coloured the few feathery clouds, while at lake level the mist swirled in haunted swathes, concealing, revealing, re-inventing the sublime topography for a fleeting moment ... The sounds, the chill of the dawn, the pause, silence, looking backwards to loss, moist eyes behold the luminous, numinous, enveloping mise-en-scene...

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