Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gloom, Not Doom

Ian Pindar in The Guardian

This thoughtful and sensitive book remains a survey of the scene rather than a definitive study. However, Bowring has succeeded in her aspiration to create something like an Observer's Guide to melancholy. Melancholy assumes many guises, she explains, each anatomised here: religious melancholy, love melancholy, the melancholy of nostalgia or of boredom (acedia), and a whole tradition of "heroic melancholy" of which Batman is a recent exemplar. There is even what Walter Benjamin called "Left melancholy", whereby a leftist with a mournful attachment to a dead idea becomes an in-activist.

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DT said...

I saw this yesterday - marvellous exposure and a nice write-up! Congrats, Dylan.

jacky bowring said...

Thanks Dylan ... The Guardian readership I always imagined as my Ideal Readers, so it's wonderful to see it there ... cheers, j...